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At P.F. Chang's we've created a global business model that offers the same innovation and
flexibility that we deliver to our guests every day, in every restaurant.

P.F. Chang's offers a variety of different business build-out models that can operate in smaller (350 square meters)
or larger (750 square meters) markets depending on the consumer demographics, foot traffic, and rent cost.
A traditional international P.F. Chang's restaurant is approximately 500 square meters and includes 74 tables.

P.F. Chang’s is often found on a main/high-street in retail, residential and commercial/office centers,
as well as within upscale shopping malls and airports.

P.F. Chang's airport locations offer a smaller footprint starting at 250 square meters.

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To be considered as a potential P.F. Chang's international partner candidate, you must meet the following criteria:

Proven hospitality experience
(food service including casual dining and/or quick service)
or retail experience with a proven, successful track record

Ability to develop and operate at least five
P.F. Chang’s restaurants over a five-year time period

Access to sufficient capital and talent

Good cultural fit driven by culinary excellence and superior
customer service in order to successfully execute our brand