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While the first P.F. Chang’s opened in 1993, our story began in the early 1960s when our co-founder, Philip Chiang, stepped in to help run the family restaurant. He later channeled his budding culinary talents into creating modern adaptations of his family’s traditional Chinese dishes, opening his own restaurant, Mandarette. He never set out to build a global brand, but then he met the man who would become the P.F. in our name: Paul Fleming. Paul, a successful restaurateur and a regular guest at Mandarette, was so impressed with the simple, purposeful recipes being served up that he wanted to share them with the masses. With a handshake, P.F. Chang’s was born.

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P.F. Chang’s is the first internationally recognized multi-unit Asian culinary brand to honor and celebrate wok cooking as the center of the guest experience. With roots in Chinese cuisine, today’s menu spans across all of Asia, honoring cultures and recipes from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and beyond. Each menu item offers a unique exploration of flavor, whether it’s a handcrafted cocktail, wok-fired lunch bowl, or celebratory multi-course dinner. Worldwide, P.F. Chang’s has more than 300 restaurants in 20+ countries and U.S. airports, including a growing number of convenient P.F. Chang’s To Go locations offering takeout and delivery.