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Fish For Good Luck And Uncut Noodles For Longevity


A bowl of noodles. Nothing sounds more comforting. This particular bowl of noodles is not only filled with lots of good ingredients, but lots of good wishes too.

Springy rice noodles that were once simple flour and water. Stretched and kneaded until perfect, then left uncut on purpose. Marinated in garlic, nearly melting into the wok, fresh prawns are crisped to a crunchy texture. Chili pepper pods bring the kick and the finishing touch.

Photo: long life noodles and prawns takeout

Every bowl of noodles is made with the kind of intent that we should live with every day in all areas of our lives. It’s a proven concept that when every action, choice, and word has a purpose, great, meaningful things are accomplished. It’s the very definition of a goal. January is a time of renewal when this idea transcends cultures. Americans set resolutions as a way of setting intentions for the year ahead. Those who celebrate Chinese New Year wipe their slates clean and settle debts to bring wealth and good fortune in the new year.

Both rituals are about being intentional and living with purpose, just like the recipe for our Long Life Noodles & Prawns, and every one of our recipes for that matter. Every ingredient serves a purpose to create a masterpiece. In Chinese tradition, fish symbolizes good luck and long noodles symbolize a long life, especially when served during Chinese New Year.

As you look forward to the Year of the Dog, what will you do to live with intention? Don’t forget to eat your Long Life Noodles!

Photo: Artistic photo of Long life noodles and prawns