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Scratch Kitchen


A P.F. Chang’s Food Philosophy


Philip Chiang had a deep-rooted appreciation for everything that food stood for: going to the market, spending time with family, a culture of honor and tradition. Philip’s recipes for the first P.F. Chang’s were simple, yet purposeful. He would say to someone ordering Mongolian Beef, “The green onions are not a garnish, everything on the plate is meant to be eaten.”


Farm to Wok™ is the food philosophy that we live by every single day. Our chefs use real, whole ingredients and we make our food and signature beverages from scratch, every day, in every restaurant.

We believe in the power of a fiery wok -- a 2,000-year-old tradition that is one of the purest forms of cooking. Wok cooking is intentionally simple using only a few, clean ingredients that have been selected for their flavor profile and health benefits.

You won’t find another Farm to Wok™ concept out there, and the best part is that this has always been our philosophy. Since the day we opened, we have made our food from scratch with fresh ingredients, and now we’re finally telling the story.