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From Farm To Wok®


Did you know that 85% of the rice served in the U.S. is grown in these 6 states?

Thanks to our friends at USA Rice, we recently visited the rice paddies of Arkansas where Jennifer James and Dow Brantley showed us how multi-generation rice farmers are shifting towards more sustainable farming practices. Watch the video to see their stories.

P.F. Chang’s is proud to source 100% U.S. grown rice from a network of family farms. Local rice farmers are a tremendous support to the economy, agriculture, and wildlife in the U.S.

Today, P.F. Chang’s is in over 200 neighborhoods across the country, but we started small, so supporting local businesses is our way of giving back. We’re proud to partner with farming families who believe in being good stewards of the land, while also growing a nutritious ingredient that our chefs feel good about.