P.F. Chang's: Dubai



Lean your seat back as far as you please, turn on all devices, and feel free to roam about the cabin, or room, or wherever you happen to be.

We’re taking you on a virtual trip to our Dubai location.

Dubai Restaurant

Getting beach vibes? Good! The interior design is inspired by the nearby La Mer beach. Note the mirrors shaped like shining suns, the octopus hidden in the mural, and the sea foam-inspired waves on the ceiling.

Dubai Mural

Did you know that every single P.F. Chang’s location has a unique mural? Even our international locations! And with every mural comes a myth. The one seen here depicts a Chinese goddess who fell to earth and turned into a human. Once there, she taught the villagers how to be more giving and more passionate.

Dynamite Shrimp

This dish might look familiar to U.S. diners – it’s Dynamite Shrimp! In Dubai, Dynamite Shrimp is the #1 most-ordered menu item. Dubai is one of the few locations where Lettuce Wraps actually get bumped to #2!

On the other hand, these dishes probably don't look as familiar:

Ring Of Fire ShrimpTeriyaki Ribeye SteakDynamite Shrimp RollVIP Duck

Dubai tastes crave a mix of high-end items with an experiential component woven throughout. Our VIP duck is served DIY-style, allowing guests to assemble their own two-bite mini-meals using warm flatbread and julienned vegetables.

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